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Sofa Mart and its partner Oak Express have no idea how to order and deliver what the customer wants.I received the wrong piece from Oak Express and have to wait another week for replacement.

Sofa Mart is worse. They ordered and shipped a sofa I ordered a love seat. They shipped the sofa and it arrived in the wrong color as well. Getting the right piece would take as much as 2 weeks more.

I have no furniture it sit on. I requested full refund I will not do business with them... ever!!!!!!

The sales people were not even remotely interested in fixing this to my satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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No surprise.I ordered a desk set (desk, computer base, file cabinet), went to go pick them up yesterday and was informed that the file cabinet wouldn't be in until MID JANUARY!!!

(I ordered end of Oct). Redic! This is the 21st Century!!! Nearly 3 months to get a piece of furniture in stock?

The salesman lied to me and madei t sound like it'd be in stock soon...just to make a sale.

Joke's on him, I'm going back for a refund later today.Jerkbags.

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