I to am a victim of Sofa Express!I have the reclining sofa and loveseat with cables that keep breaking.

I get a recorded message saying the mailbox is not monitored and not to leave a message.

If someone could just tell me who or where I can buy the cables so we can use the recliners, I will replace them myself.

If the company had sent letters notifying there customers of their pending Chapter 11, I could have just asked them where we could call to get service or the parts needed to fix the problem ourselves.

I don't think that is too much to ask for!!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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i would like to know where i could get replacement parts (handle on recliners) for my sofa bought at sofa express

Good Thunder, Minnesota, United States #23135

For everyone making claims about SofaExpress, your all pretty much out of luck. Most of your concerns wouldnt have been properly taken care of even if they had remained opened so don't feel too bad about them closing. All your remarks about extended warranties would have been picked apart with a fine tooth comb and only 15% of them would have had any resolution. This being the number one reason why they closed I have no doubt.

Primarily I know all this because I was management with this company up until about a year before they closed. Dont think I got out because I saw the red light flashing... I was only lucky after putting up with them from the inside for 5 years when I had the opportunity to move.

You might be able to call a Mom&Pop retailer in your area with a service-tech that does work on the side in order to get some of your problems resolved. Klaussner still makes furniture (I think they are in the top 5 largest upholsterers in the world right now.. but might soon be going bankrupt too... hint hint.)

When a company like this files chapter 11 they sell off as much inventory as possible first and then announce they are closing... disapearing quickly so as to not have to deal with all the angry customers lurking in the shadows. And as SofaExpress was a corporation they filed bankruptcy in a way that would allow them to reopen at some time during the future under the same or a different name but in this market Im sure it wont be too...

Sofa Express started as a great company with a good plan and just got to big for its britches.

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